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Before you leave home:
Get to know Australian Agriculture
  • Work videos: types of work in Australia
  • What work is in what regions
  • Choose your region
  • Australian Law: know your responsibilities and your employer’s responsibilities.

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Access quick links:
Applications & bookings
  • Get fast easy online links
  • Visa, superannuation and insurances
  • Accommodation and transport

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When you arrive:
What to do
  • Online link to ATO
  • Bank account setup
  • Looking after yourself
  • Your community

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Get job ready:
Before you start work
  • Be prepared and ready for your first day
  • Save your time and your employer’s time:  FarmReady Hub will email your employment and induction paperwork (™FarmReady Card)


WHO IS FarmReady Hub FOR?

FarmReady Hub is for everyone wanting to connect with regional Australia and agriculture.

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If you are an Australian resident, migrant, student, tourist, seasonal worker or
working holiday maker, FarmReady Hub is for you.


Agricultural jobs in Australia can be very different from one another. It can depend on the style of farming, region and the unusual ways a business chooses to operate.

Types of farms in Australia include:

• Animal and animal products - Meat, eggs, dairy
• Fibre - cotton, wool
• Grain - wheat, canola
• Hard vegetables - potatoes, onions, pumpkins
• Green leafy vegetables - herbs, spinach, shallots
• Tree fruit & nut crops - peaches, avocados, macadamia nuts
• Other fruit crops - tomatoes, strawberries, vine crops or wine

Plus many more!

Australia is a large continent and farming styles tend to be regionally predominant due to variations in climate, soil types and proximity of markets etc.


Don't end up in a place or a job that isn't for you.
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With such a diverse agricultural industry, there are many types of work available, all of which are extremely different from the next.

Not only is there a difference between the types of farms, but there is also a big difference between crops and the work involved. For example a tomato farm, avocado farm, lettuce farm and a herb farm will all be different types of work and require different skills which will suit various people.

The way you are paid can also vary for example: hourly rate, piecemeal, paid by bunch or crate. There may be deductions for accommodation and transport to work.

As with all work, different people excel in different jobs. Those people with good hand eye coordination will excel in sorting and packing. Those with good dexterity will excel in bunching work, especially if you are paid well by bunch. People who are strong and fit will love heavy lifting and labouring.

Not one job is better than another, but understanding the difference between jobs will help you to make the best decision for yourself.

• Do I have transport from my accommodation to the job?
• If I share a car with friends, can we all get a similar job at the same farm?
• Summer v’s winter work – know the seasons for various regions
• Mud, dirt and wet environments – be prepared
• Be ‘sun-smart’
• How physical is the work?
• What work requires fine motor skills and dexterity?
• Mechanical or manual harvesting work
• Hourly harvesting work v/s bunching or piecemeal work
• Machinery operation and licencing requirements
• Working with large and small animals
• What is expected of you in the workplace?
• What work is available for long term or short term employees
• Indoor v/s outdoor work

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