Employers & Providers


FarmReady Pty Ltd not only looks after its members, but also employers and others who supply a product and service to job seekers, tourists and employees.

The company’s ethos is to think holistically. To facilitate connectivity between it’s members, government, agriculture, regional communities, employers, supporting representatives and businesses.

FarmReady Hub will be open for business in the coming weeks and welcomes any input or ideas from others in relation to information or services that the Hub could offer members or the greater industry.

The Hub aims to make its services available initially in the Lockyer Valley, with a view to branching out to other regions as quickly as possible.

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With the imminent changes to legislation and certification surround accommodation and employment, there is a real need to provide a seamless and fluid network.

FarmReady HUB aims to make the job easier for quality accommodation providers and employers - free of charge.

Farmers and employers

FarmReady HUB would like to list employers on this website – the basic listing is FREE of charge.

There are benefits for large farming companies as well as smaller family enterprises. Whether you use contractors, agencies or employ direct.

Contact us to find out how to be listed and some ideas on how to manage your job enquiries.

FarmReady Pty Ltd is not an employment agency and allows a job seeker/member to research employers on or off this website, and make a well-informed job enquiry.

If your farming enterprise is listed on the website, you have the extra benefits of managing ‘how’ you wish to be contacted about work. You can ensure that your job information is correct – improving the ‘quality’ of job enquiries; and your work will be advertised to well-educated job seekers.

Employers will receive the ™FarmReady Card induction and employment kit on the first day of work – free of charge.

If an organisation would like extra employment support or management – charges may apply.

Enquiries welcome.

™FarmReady Card - induction & employment kit

FarmReady Hub will email new employers a kit containing: completed induction, on farm induction ideas, vital employment information, prepopulated TFN Declaration etc.

This kit is designed to reduce the paperwork during the first day of employment.
FarmReady Card induction is a broad overview of the industry and how to work in it. With information on legislation; regionally specific details on living and working including work instructional videos.

It is designed to ensure that staff arrive ready for your onsite induction with their employment paperwork mostly completed.

Accommodation and transport providers

If you are in the business of accommodation and/or transport and you believe your organisation meets all the legislative requirements, please contact us to have your services listed - free of charge.

Community groups & wellbeing organisations

It is important to ensure that our members feel connected to their local community and know who to see when things go wrong.

If you have a quality organisation providing any of these services, please contact us to be connected to the website.

Local, State and Federal Government and agencies

FarmReady Pty Ltd values quality services and connections for its members. Please contact us to ensure valuable information is provided to our members.

Member feedback & continuous improvement

FarmReady HUB has developed a platform to gather feedback from its Members in relation to products, services and their experiences.

Providing an insight into the quality of service from those organisations connected to this website.

Training and education providers

FarmReady Pty Ltd is valuable to students studying agriculture. Providing specific knowledge on regions and visual videos of different work types. The ™FarmReady Card Induction process, takes the student through everything they need to ‘know, have and do’.

Tailored and specific on farm tours and/or vocational training outcomes can be tailored for student groups – extra charges will apply. Bulk purchase of membership fees covering the students is possible.

If your group or organisation have any ideas, compliments or complaints – please contact us