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FarmReady Pty Ltd is a social enterprise working with community groups, government, employment services and educators.

Finding integrated solutions for agribusiness employment outcomes.

Characteristics of employment issues may include: inappropriate or inadequate training, lack of agri-business sustainability; high staff turnover and unfilled roles within the workplace.

Solutions usually require better interpretation of employer needs; knowledge of government programs and funding; and an understanding of where to source appropriate staff.

Activities often involve a collaborative approach to design tailored pathways into employment.

The FarmReady Hub online membership portal, can be utilised by job seekers as a 'tool' within this process.

New Businesses Welcome

FarmReady aims to make its services available initially in the Lockyer Valley, with a view to branching out to other regions as quickly as possible.

Our ethos is to think holistically and provide meaningful connections between regions as well as industry stakeholders.

FarmReady Hub welcomes all input or ideas for services that the Hub could offer to members or the wider agricultural industry to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier.

FarmReady Hub does remain in contact with its members for the 2 year membership period.  Providing a tool to relay information on seasonal advice or other important messages world wide.

Farmers, employers, contractors and labour hire

FarmReady Hub provides its members (job seekers), information that differentiate's between farmers, employers, contractors and labour hire.  It provides links to the Labour Hire Licensing Scheme website for members.

The benefits of employing FarmReady Hub members are the same, whether you are a farmer employing directly, if you are a contractor, or if you are a farmer employing through a contractor.

FarmReady aims to provide vetted and well prepared workers while cutting down on the paperwork and headaches that come along with a shifting workforce.

Employers will receive the FarmReady Card induction and employment kit on the first day of work free of charge.

If an organisation would like extra employment support or management – enquiries welcome.

Employment Kit - for employers (free of charge)

Employers, may be asked by a FarmReady Hub member for their email address on the first day of work. By providing your email, you will receive (free of charge), the Employee Vital Details Form, along with the FarmReady Card Induction Certificate.
The FarmReady Card Induction Certificate is awarded to the Member after 100% completion.

This service is designed to reduce the paperwork during the first day of employment for both employer and employee.

The FarmReady Card Induction does not replace your onsite induction. However, it does prove that your new staff member has completed the industry level induction, which is a legislative requirement and important for the job seeker to know ahead of time. So they may make the best decisions for themselves along their journey.

The information contained within this induction, is the result of discussions with each Government Department, Agency and relevant stakeholders. Ensuring a collaborative approach to educating our workforce. Information contained within this induction is up to date with specific information on the 'application' of legislation. Providing continual links to the right people to offer assistance during a worker's journey through agriculture.

Accommodation and transport providers

Seasonal workers need more than just a job; often they need living quarters and transport to and from their places of employment.

If you are in the business of accommodation and/or transport and you believe your organisation meets all the legislative requirements, please contact us to have your services listed free of charge.

Community groups & wellbeing organisations

It is important to ensure that our members feel connected to their local community and know who to see when things go wrong.

If you have a quality organisation providing any of these services, please contact us to be connected to the website.

Local, State and Federal Government and agencies

FarmReady Pty Ltd values quality services and connections for its members to ensure their time on Australian farms is a time they remember fondly and recommend to others. Please contact us to ensure valuable information is provided to our members.

Training and Education Providers

FarmReady Hub is also valuable to students studying agriculture and agribusiness. Providing specific knowledge on regions and work types.

The FarmReady Card Induction process, takes students through everything they need to know, have and do in connection to the agricultural industry.

If your group or organisation have any ideas, compliments or complaints – please contact us.

If your group or organisation have any ideas,
compliments or complaints – please contact us