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We help backpackers, students, migrants, seasonal workers, Australians and working holidaymakers understand farm work in Australia so you can choose the right farm for your Australian adventure.



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Whoever you are and however you travel, The Hub is here to assist you to prepare for farm work, stay safe on the job, create lasting social connections but most of all – have a great time in Australia!

With a FarmReady Card, you can enjoy your Australian journey because we will be there to support you, every step of the way, with a 2-year stress-free membership.

All you need to do is focus on a good day’s work, earning the right money, and still having time to think about the next stage of your trip.

Stay in control and make the best choices for a truly amazing experience.

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Farmers will love you for being so organised and you’ll be able to get your working obligations out of the way with no stress.

You can trust the FarmReady Hub because it has been created by an Aussie Farmer who understands what you need as well as what a farmer needs.

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The FarmReady Hub has been approved by Australian agencies and agricultural industry leaders. We make sure you are cared for and farmers find quality workers.

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