WHO IS FarmReady Hub FOR?

If you are an Australian resident, migrant, student, seasonal worker or a working holiday maker; FarmReady Hub is for you.

FarmReady Hub is for anyone wanting to connect with regional Australian agriculture to live and work on the land from within Australia and overseas.

We connect you to regionally specific information tailored towards working and living well.

Once you have been guided through an induction process and issued with you FarmReady Induction Certificate, you will be ready to take on your chosen farm work.

Learning, working and living well
– we're with you all the way!

We ensure that you are FarmReady and prepared
with everything you need to start your rural working adventure!

Following a simple four-step process, we will guide you through everything you need to know
so when you step onto the farm, you are ready to start working right away.

Currently offering assistance to farmers and workers in the picturesque Lockyer Valley, FarmReady Hub will soon be able to provide working solutions Australia wide.

Step 1

Induction –
Get to know Australia
  • The types of farm work in Australia
  • What work is available in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • Australian law – know your responsibilities and your employer’s responsibilities

Step 2

Start planning –
Set yourself up to ease into Australian farm work
  • Visas, Superannuation, and Banking
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Unions and FairWork rules and regulations
  • Planning accommodation and transport

Step 3

When you arrive -
What to do
  • Cash and mobile phone needs
  • Tax File Number application
  • Bank account application
  • Tips for looking after yourself

Step 4

Tips on finding work -
Know what makes a good employer
  • Know what to ask an employer
  • Preparing to start work
  • FarmReady Card Induction Certificate and Employment Kit
  • Be ahead of the rest as a FarmReady Hub member!

Your two year membership will continue to provide you with connection to FarmReady Hub giving you ongoing support and information as you travel and work in regional Australia.

You can also take advantage of links to vital apps and government information as well as tips on what to do when leaving the industry or country.


AG Diversity

Agricultural jobs in Australia vary extraordinarily and the type of farming you can undertake changes from region to region depending on the dominant agricultural industry.

Types of farms in Australia include:

  • Animal and animal products - Meat, eggs, dairy
  • Fibre - cotton, wool
  • Grain - wheat, canola
  • Hard vegetables - potatoes, onions, pumpkins
  • Green leafy vegetables - herbs, spinach, shallots
  • Tree fruit & nut crops - peaches, avocados, macadamia nuts
  • Other fruit crops - tomatoes, strawberries, vine crops or wine
Plus many more!
Australia is a large continent with many different types and styles of farming on offer to travellers and seasonal workers.


Don't end up in a place or a job that isn't for you.
Join FarmReady Hub and we will help you navigate your way around the Australian agricultural industry.

Work Types - What are my options?

With such a diverse agricultural industry, there are many types of work available, all of which are very different in terms of type, style and workload.

Not only is there a difference between the types of farms, but there is also a big difference between crops and the work involved. For example, a tomato farm, avocado farm, lettuce farm and a herb farm will all have different types of work and require different skills which will suit different types of people.

The way you are paid can also vary with some farmers paying workers with an hourly rate, while others may offer piecemeal rates that are paid by the volume of produce harvested. There may be deductions for accommodation and transport that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

As with all work, different people excel in different jobs. Those people with good hand-eye coordination will excel in sorting and packing. Those with good dexterity will excel in bunching work, especially if you are paid by the bunch. People who are strong and fit will do well in jobs requiring heavy lifting and labouring.

However, we believe no one job is better than another, but understanding the difference between jobs will help you to make the best decision for your seasonal employment, that’s where assistance from FarmReady Hub is invaluable to those looking for agricultural work.

Things to consider when choosing a job

  • Do you have transport from your accommodation to the job?
  • If sharing a car with friends, can you all get similar jobs at the same farm?
  • Summer and winter work – know how seasons impact agriculture in various regions.
  • Mud, dirt and wet environments – be prepared for work in all conditions.
  • Be ‘sun-smart’ - Australia is a hot country and a hat and sunscreen are necessities.
  • How physical is the work?
  • Does the work require fine motor skills and dexterity?
  • Does the work require mechanical or manual harvesting of crops?
  • Know the difference between hourly harvesting work as opposed to bunching or piecemeal work
  • Are there machinery operation and licensing requirements?
  • Will you be working with large and/or small animals?
  • What is expected of you in the workplace?
  • What work is available for long term or short term employees?
  • Indoor vs outdoor work – make sure you make the right decision for you.

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