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Social Responsibility

Agriculture is a significant industry, it’s our ‘Primary Industry’.

Farmers supply our basic needs such as fresh food and textiles.  We all rely on them every day.  Being a farmer is a busy life and an incredibly important job, but they can’t do it alone.  The solution is a ‘Hub’ – FarmReady Hub.

FarmReady Hub and FarmReady Card are trademarks of FarmReady Pty Ltd.

FarmReady Pty Ltd is a social enterprise.  Dedicated to supporting the Agricultural Industry.

About Janne

FarmReady Hub founder, Janne Dipple, is a farmer and agriculture business owner with a history as an agricultural educator. She understands the pressure involved in farming and how the right people for the job make all the difference.

She knows farm work is a tough balance but she believes it is important to help the industry and job seekers in a way that benefits everyone.

She has the knowledge to help others navigate government requirements such as visas, training, funding, and employment paperwork. She understands what you need to live in regional Australia and find working success on Australian farms.

Janne dedicates herself to helping job seekers in a way that benefits farmers, employment companies, community groups and our regional communities.

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