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Here’s a sneak peak of the Lockyer Valley Regional information page:

Getting There

Finding your way to the Lockyer Valley and Gatton is easy!

Accommodation: Lockyer Valley (Gatton) South East Queensland

Name Contact
Gatton share house
Warm and homely fully furnished, 3 bedroom house, 1 bathroom.
Has TV room, Bluetooth, dining, kitchen & deck.
Located near bus stop, walking distance to shops.
Up to 5 tenants only at any 1 time.
Minimum 1 month stay.

Very popular – bookings essential

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AG Diversity

There are many types of farms in the Lockyer Valley, however most of the work opportunities will be on vegetable farms.

Vegetable farming can vary greatly between crops and the work can be very different especially when harvesting and packing. Which can be the majority of short term work for backpackers and transient workers.

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Work Availability

Short-term work: harvesting and packing, planting, weeding

Mid-term work: harvesting and packing, general farm hand duties, leading hand, maintenance, machinery operation, forklift (licence required)

Long-term work: harvesting and packing, maintenance, machinery operation, forklift (licence required), administration, team leadership, coordinator and management roles

TIP: most transient workers and backpackers will apply for Short-term Work. Mid to long term work requires reasonable training, licencing and expertise - suitable for those able to stay and work longer.

Employer Directory

Farm Work Type Skills Wage

Bare Essentials

Grows leafy green bunching vegetables and herbs including: shallots, english spinach, kai laan, coriander, parsley, dill etc.

Work is mostly harvesting and is paid by bunch with some hourly work: packing, planting, weeding etc.
Work is available long term and all year round – pending weather.
Those with good fine motor skills (work with finger tips) will excel.
Good hand eye coordination.
Eye for quality and detail of product.
Employs under a government approved Employee Collective Agreement.
Potential to earn good money when being paid by bunch.
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You will find short to mid-term work in the Lockyer Valley mostly during autumn and winter, however longer-term jobs are available all year round. If you are after mainstream harvest and packing work, look for a job from around April to November.

Jobs outside this timeframe are possible, and they are well sought after.

If you would like work all year round, it may require a longer term commitment to a single employer.  Make sure you ask when you apply for the job.  Many employers are keen to find people who stay longer and it could be an advantage for you over others who are also applying for the same job.

Plan Early

If you plan to arrive for peak season, make your plans as soon as possible. As many people arrive in the Lockyer Valley early, to find accommodation and employment ahead of others.


The Lockyer Valley is also located close to Brisbane International and Domestic Airport. Starting in this region is a popular choice as the cooler regions of Stanthorpe and Darling Downs are within a 2 hour drive and it is easy to move with the season.

Accommodation & Transport

Accommodation can be hard to find in the Lockyer Valley in peak season. Make sure you book ahead!

Transport between accommodation and work is critical. Make sure you have a plan before you look for work.

Weather smart

The weather in the Lockyer Valley can be hot and humid in summer and surprisingly cold and frosty in winter. With perfect beautiful weather in between the extremes.

Be prepared in autumn/winter for frosty mornings, warm sunny lunchtimes with the occasional icy wind.

Be prepared for heat and spectacular tropical storms in summer.

At all times of the year, it is imperative you are hydrated, prepared and dressed accordingly to reduce cold stress and heat stress. The FarmReady Card training will guide you through options.

Harvest Season & work

The Lockyer Valley is located in South East Queensland, between Brisbane (coast) and Toowoomba (mountains). It is a ‘valley’ at the foot of mountain ranges. You can drive only a few hours to other farming regions (example Stanthorpe) which is located above the mountain ranges. Being at a higher altitude Stanthorpe experiences different weather, which means their crops and seasons will vary greatly from the Lockyer Valley, even though they are relatively close in distance.

Remain aware of weather and take time to understand your region and how it may affect your work. Have a backup plan about where to go next easily if there is no work due to weather conditions. You might not need to travel far and can easily come back to the Lockyer Valley for work.

FarmReady Card will tell you a little more about weather when you complete the training.

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Work Video Library

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Bunching Parsley 0:24

Hand harvest work

Community Groups – Lockyer Valley (Gatton) South East Queensland

Organisation Contact Number Type of Assistance
Lockyer Community Centre 14 Crescent St, Gatton
(07) 5462 3355
Delivers the community diverse responsive and wide reaching services that employ people and build positive connections.
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