Paperwork Help

When you finish your FarmReady Card training, get your employment paperwork ready here.

It's really important to get your employment paperwork ready BEFORE you find a job. As it saves your time and your employer's time when you start. It also helps you to look good on your first day of work - as you have all the right information ready and easy to read! Your new employer will LOVE you for this! You'll be a standout.

You can fill out this paperwork on your mobile phone, but it is easier on a PC or laptop etc. Make sure you DOWNLOAD and SAVE the COMPLETED forms to your mobile phone or device. So, you can email them to your employer every time you start a new job.

Employment Paperwork Kit

FORM 1: TFN Declaration

Complete the form on page 5 ONLY.  All other pages are instructions.

DOWNLOAD and SAVE page 5 to your phone or device.  Email to your new employer.

TIP:  ‘print page 5 to PDF’ and save to your device

ATO's Online Form (PDF)

FORM 2: Member employment Information

Download and complete.

Save this form to your mobile device so you can send to a new employer.