Want a FarmReady Card?

Here's your training outline:


Workplace law

Fair Work and your obligations as an employee
Common employment terms
Getting paid - how it works
Important paperwork for your employer
Biosecurity, COVID-19, Food Safety
Health and Safety: introduction, procedures, hazards

Compile your employment paperwork

Identification documents: licences, passports, visas etc
Tax File Number details
Superannuation account setup
Bank account
Health care and insurances

Farm clothing and lunch

Footwear and shoes
Shirts, pants, trousers
Jackets for cold and wet weather
Gloves, hats and sunscreen
Toilets and hygiene
Food, water and hydration
Lunch bags and coolers

Find work and accommodation

Stay safe and alert
Regional shops & services
Social connections
Accommodation & transport
Where to ask for work
How to ask for work
Get ready for work
On your first day: Send your new employer your employment paperwork, resume, quals, licences etc (fully automated from FRH)

Changing jobs or leaving?

FarmReady Hub is a 'membership', so you remain connected. You can look up new regions and jobs anytime. When you leave the industry alltogether, FarmReady will tell you what you need to do with your superannuation, bank accounts and taxation.

FarmReady Card©™

Thinking of working in ag?  Get organised with the FarmReady Card certification for only $49.  Giving you a 12-month membership and full access to the FarmReady Hub website.

The FarmReady Card was first created in 2003 to help people get prepared.  It is a digital micro-credential that you are awarded after you signup and undertake the online training.  This training is designed to get you prepared before you start looking for work and moving to regional Australia.  So you can hit the ground running with your employer.

The FarmReady Card is ‘live’ and is only issued when you have received 100% completion.  This training reflects current industry needs and trends, so it is updated from time to time.  Your login allows you to return to refresh your training and keep your FarmReady Card up to date.  Show this card to any employer, job active, agency or contractor to prove you are a FarmReady member.

This Micro-credentialing Pilot Program project is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

Digital Skills Passport

The Skills Passport was originally developed in 2004 as a small booklet.  Today, it has been modernised into a digital vault where you can store your employment signup paperwork, work history, certificates and licences etc.  From here you can email your:

  • Resume when applying for a job
  • Certificates & licences to your new employer
  • Letter of Offer to your new employer (handy for various government employment requirements)
  • COVID-19 Border Crossing Letter of Offer – exchange your information with your prospective employer through the information exchange function

FarmReady Hub©™

The FarmReady Hub was created to digitally house the FarmReady Card micro-credential and the Skills Passport along with the extra holistic support that job seeker or student needs.

FarmReady’s ethos is that a successful career in agriculture isn’t just about the job.  Its also about being prepared for regional living and personal wellbeing.  This aspect takes a community approach.

FarmReady Hub works with regions, educators and across all agricultural industries to provide those much needed free links, information and connections.