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• Purchase your FarmReady Hub membership
• Get a 3-year membership (only $49, one-off payment)


Do you online training to learn all about:
• The law and where to go to for help (if you need it)
• What farmer’s need from you
• What to expect from the farm
• Staying safe and how to look after yourself on farm
• Australian government paperwork – we help get it together
• What to wear, eat and drink on farm
• How to find a job, what to ask
• What to do when you leave the industry or Australia

Get your Farmready Card

When you complete your Induction training and get 100%, you will:
• Receive a digital FarmReady Card
• Stand out to employers by showing this card to them.
• Show your card to get Discounts


Check out the regions available, and read all about it:
• Tourist information
• How to get there
• Accommodation and transport
• Community, social and wellbeing links
• Where to ask for a job


• It’s time to explore, have fun and make new friends.
• You can revisit the FarmReady Hub anytime to review information.
• If you are in Australia on a visa, the FarmReady Hub will guide you on what to do when you leave, so you know how to wrap up your bank account, superannuation and tax.

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