Step 1 - Purchase Farm Ready Card Membership

FarmReady Card
2 Year Membership - ONLY $49

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  • Farm Ready Training Course – Your FarmReady Card (know what to expect and be ready to be a great team member on the farm)
  • Knowledge Centre – Training Videos and link to all the courses
  • Stay Safe – Health & Safety Regulation Information
  • Aust Gov Paperwork – A Friend to point you in the right direction – Phew!!
  • Access to the Farmer Hub – Find a job before you leave home, with access to the regional employer directories.
  • Leaving Oz or the industry – what to do
  • Discounts – Accommodation, Work Uniforms, Etc
  • Community Contacts

Step 2 - Get Farm Ready and complete your Course to activate your Discounts

Step 3 - Have a great working holiday in Australia

The FarmReady Card

Purchase your FarmReady Card membership and you will have access to all the training modules, course content & discounts. After your online training, you will be issued a FarmReady Card – sending you to the top of the list for farm work and proving you are FarmReady.

Get your FarmReady Card before you leave your home country so that you can hit the ground running as soon as you arrive in Australia. If you are already in Australia, that’s OK – you can join anytime!

Anyone can begin their journey online and we will help you stay in control and make the best choices for your work while you travel.

With FarmReady Hub, you will be safe and secure in organising your farm work, so you can focus your energy on exploring new regions, making new friends, and learning valuable new skills.

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