How It Works

FIRST, Join the FarmReady Hub free – start here!

THEN, we will be in touch to guide you further on how to register for your FarmReady Card training.  This certification will cost a once only $49.  You will get the option to:

  • Start your FarmReady Card straight away
  • Book yourself a 10-minute phone call with FarmReady Hub

ONCE your FarmReady Card has been issued, you can show it to selected businesses to receive discounts.  Or, you can show it to an employer or farmer to show you have been trained and are ready to start.  Your FarmReady Card will also unlock the Employer Directory – so you know who to contact for farm work.

Not ready to signup for the FarmReady Card?  That’s OK!  Just join the FarmReady Hub (step 1).  Then take a look around the website – you will have a basic level of access.

With the FarmReady Card, you have:


All the information to make the right decisions


Paperwork assistance so you start work right away


What to expect while working in agriculture in Australia

Health & Safety

Explanations about workplace health and safety regulations


How to look for work, apply and prepare for your first day

Help & Support

Ongoing help and support while looking for work

Vocational Training

Members can apply for
a nationally accredited unit

The FarmReady Card

Upgrade your free membership to FarmReady Card and you will have access to all the training modules.  After your online training, you will be issued a FarmReady Card – sending you to the top of the list for farm work and proving you are FarmReady.

Get your FarmReady Card before you leave your home country so that you can hit the ground running as soon as you arrive in Australia. If you are already in Australia, that’s OK – you can join anytime!

Anyone can begin their journey online and we will help you stay in control and make the best choices for your work while you travel.

With FarmReady Hub, you will be safe and secure in organising your farm work, so you can focus your energy on exploring new regions, making new friends, and learning valuable new skills.

Image: FarmReady Card

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