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FarmReady is a Hub of information,
connections, education and resources

FarmReady’s ethos is to find solutions through a community approach.  Providing a platform that benefits everyone from job seekers to industry providers as well as educators and employers – ‘Hub’.

Our focus is pre-arrival training, wellbeing, tourism, education and employment. We work with the end in mind – the right people in the right jobs.  From harvest and pack staff through to specialist operators and team leaders.

Member’s who have been issued a FarmReady Card, have completed the training modules, and have their employment paperwork ready for their first day in the job.

Our training starts before the job seeker arrives in our regions.  This training is a preparation course, so they understand what is expected of them and their employer, along with details about living well in regional Australia.

The Hub’s primary clients are our job seekers.  However, we also offer a consultancy service to the broader agricultural industry.

The FarmReady Hub can conduct needs analysis activities, research available staffing options, design and assist employment and training pathways.

Be better advised and better connected

We work with all types of job seekers,

such as:

  • Australians
  • Seasonal workers
  • Students
  • Migrants
  • Backpackers

How you can connect to job seekers

Any quality organisation that has information, services and products, may list their details on the FarmReady Hub website.

Organisations may include government, job actives, agencies, tourism, accommodation, transport or community groups etc.

This listing is exclusive and can only be accessed by FarmReady Hub members.


FarmReady Hub is valuable to students studying agriculture and agribusiness. Providing specific knowledge of regions and work types.

The FarmReady Card training process takes students through everything they need to know to connect to the agricultural industry.  Once a student has completed the FarmReady Card, along with a little extra work and experience, they can be awarded the vocational unit, AHCWRK204 Work Effectively in the Industry.

It is a useful course for students wishing to study agriculture and can be credited to various qualifications.

Further training can be arranged through FarmReady’s consultancy service.

Our Aim

FarmReady Hub

Industry Benefits

Better Educated Staff

They already know the basics, underpinning on-farm induction

Streamlining the process

Reduced employment signup workload

Practical Training Pathways

First step in vocational education – trailored for ‘real’ farm jobs

The ‘Legislation Message’

FarmReady Card is foundation knowledge.  Underpinning employer’s training responsibilities

Connecting job seekers

Communicate to members through the Hub

Support a process that enables a community approach