Step 2 Copy

Compile your employment paperwork details

In this step, you will be asked to collect all your employment details, so they are ready for your new employer.

If you wish, you may type your personal information into the questions in this Step, so it is digitally stored in your  Skills Passport including:

  1. Resume – email this from FarmReady when applying for work.
  2. Letter of Offer – (FarmReady will exchange your information within a secure online portal with your employer to produce a Letter of Offer).  This document will clearly show you your terms of employment, pay rates etc prior to starting work.  Although an employer is not legally required to give you a Letter of Offer, they are required to tell you your terms of employment prior to accepting the job.  This Letter of Offer function makes it easier for your new employer and yourself.
  3. Job Start Kit – your new employer will love that you have all your employment details (name, address, tax file number, bank account, superannuation numbers etc) ready and easy to read on your first day of work.  Having this information ready and digital – will make you stand out in the crowd.

NOTE:  the Job Start Kit is sent via an encrypted link to your employer.  Who requires a passcode from their mobile phone to access the PDF file over email.  When you choose to send your information to any new employer, you must enter your employer’s email address and mobile phone number, so they can access your information.

You can access the Skills Passport and the three documents outlined above, at any time from the Dashboard to keep your records up to date.

PLEASE NOTE:  the recording of your personal information such as Tax File Numbers, Passport Details, Superannuation and Bank Account Numbers is your choice in this section.  You will not be required to answer the questions in this section or enter and store your personal details in your FarmReady Card Dashboard, in order to progress in this training and be awarded the FarmReady Card.

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