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Know your own obligations

All workplaces in Australia have obligations to their employees.

However, workers also have a legal obligation to conduct themselves responsibly and keep themselves and their workmates safe at work.

The following list outlines some of those responsibilities, which will be outlined further in this training.

When working in Australia, all employees are expected to:
  • Follow Australian laws, rules, and regulations
  • Follow guidelines under the Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Follow the rules outlined in the Award or the Employee Collective Agreement
  • Understand a little about Quality Assurance (if appropriate for the work environment)
  • Follow all Workplace Health and Safety guidelines (WHS or OHS)
  • Follow your employer’s instructions, policies, procedures, and code of conduct
  • Understand who your supervisor and manager is and who to report to
  • Be on time and punctual for work
  • Have an understanding of your work schedule
  • Look after the environment
  • Biosecurity & COVID19 (keeping food and workplaces safe from contamination)
  • Be productive in the workplace, help your workmates through sharing information and skills
  • Include and respect other workers who are from other social and cultural backgrounds

Mobile phones and social media at work

During work time, mobile phones can be very distracting to your work and safety.  Be mindful that you are being paid to complete a job, not communicate with friends and family over your mobile phone and social media apps.  Most employers will not tolerate continual distractions from personal devices unless a severe and essential personal issue has arisen.

Leave your mobile devices in your bag and check them at break time if necessary.

Mobile phones and earbuds can also seriously reduce your concentration around machinery and equipment.  Causing a health hazard to yourself and your colleagues.  More about safety later in this course.

Additional Information

Helpful Fact Sheets

The Fair Work Ombudsman website has a number of downloadable fact sheets to help you understand your right and obligations at work. You can find them here.

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