The Lockyer Valley Region

Gatton and surrounds

With a population of around 35,000 and an estimated 3100 businesses, the Lockyer Valley is a vibrant location. It is a major Australian farming region.

The Lockyer Valley is central to many of South East Queensland’s tourist destinations, making it an ideal place to visit and work. Giving an opportunity for day trips and weekends away during your time off work.

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Types of agriculture located in this region are:

Production Horticulture

Includes vegetables, fruit, flowers, tree nuts and viticulture (grapes).  Most horticulture is very reliant on irrigation, and fertile soils so this industry will be found in regions that offer these needs.  Although beef is the most valuable commodity in Queensland, production horticulture is the largest employer.  The workforce is made up of Australians and international workers.  Seasonal and ongoing work is available in picking and packing.  With longer-term professional careers also available.

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  • The peak industry body is Growcom


Irrigation is a complex and scientific requirement critical to most other industries.  Apart from farming, other sectors include installers, contractors, farmers, local, state and federal government.

Training opportunities:  as irrigation is so important, it has it’s own nationally accredited Certificate III (AHC32419) and is now a ‘trade qualification’.  You can also complete around 11 skillsets (short courses) to make yourself even more attractive to employers.  Irrigation Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO), meaning they can conduct training to Australian standards and issue you a certificate that meets national guidelines.

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  • Get trained with Irrigation Australia, as they promote their graduates to industry members.
  • Look under the Employer’s Tab here at FarmReady.

Nurseries & Gardens

Sometimes call Amenity Horticulture, around 80% of this industry is located in South East Queensland with the industry reaching as far north as Cairns.

Nursery work has a few options as they can grow for the home gardener as well as seedlings for public parks, gardens and regeneration areas.  The Production Horticultural industry also relies heavily on seedlings from nurseries, and larger companies will specialise in this type of production.  These specialists are generally located in the significant Production Horticultural regions.

Gardens work involves the maintenance of council gardens, public parks and golf greens etc.  Or private companies who specialise in the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces.

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  • Look under the Employer’s Tab here at FarmReady

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Please note that the availability of work may change.  Always apply for a job, before arriving on the farm.

Bare Essentials Quality Vegetables and Herbs

Located 5 minutes from the town of Gatton, Lockyer Valley, South East Queensland


  • Harvest work (bunching vegetables & herbs)
  • General farmhand work
  • Employs directly (no contractors or LHPs)
  • Is Freshcare registered
  • To apply online for work visit their website

Rugby Farm

Located 5 minutes from the town of Gatton

  • Has multiple farm sights in North Queensland and South East Queensland
  • Employs all year round, between all sites
  • To apply online for work visit their website

Harvest Trail

Is an Australian government service that connects job seekers to harvest and packing work.

Visit: Harvest Trail

Best Employment

Is a government registered Harvest Trail Services Work office.

Can help with the general harvest and packing work along with all types of employment.

  • Various work available
  • 07 5468 0399
  • Visit the Best Employment website
Work Videos

Check out what some of the work looks like!  New videos being uploaded continuously!

Nurseries & Gardens Industry:

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Production Horticulture Industry:

Irrigation Industry:

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Getting There

Finding your way to the Valley is easy!
The most popular way to get to Gatton is to drive your own car, or catch a bus.

Once in the Lockyer Valley, you will most likely need a car or get a bus from your accommodation to your farm work.  Many people have a car so they can get out of town on the weekends – it’s a day trip to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and further West.

  • 1.5 hour drive from Brisbane international and domestic airport
  • 2 hour drive to the Gold Coast
  • 2.5 hour drive to the Sunshine Coast
  • 45 minute drive to Toowoomba / 1.5 hours to Toowoomba Wellcamp airport
  • 2 hour drive to Stanthorpe

Regional tips!

You will find short to mid-term work in the Lockyer Valley mostly during autumn and winter, however, longer-term jobs are available all year round.

If you are after mainstream harvest and packing work, look for a job from around April to November.

Jobs outside this timeframe are possible, and they are well sought after.

If you would like to work all year round, it may require a longer-term commitment to a single employer.  Make sure you ask when you apply for the job.  Many employers are keen to find people who stay longer and it could be an advantage for you over others who are also applying for the same job.


The Lockyer Valley is located in South East Queensland, between Brisbane (coast) and Toowoomba (mountains). It is a ‘valley’ at the foot of mountain ranges. You can drive only a few hours to other farming regions (example Stanthorpe) which is located above the mountain ranges. Being at a higher altitude Stanthorpe experiences different weather, which means their crops and seasons will vary greatly from the Lockyer Valley, even though they are relatively close in distance.

Starting in this region is a popular choice as the cooler regions of Stanthorpe and Darling Downs are within a 2-hour drive and it is easy to move with the season.  This can be really important if a weather event destroys crops etc.  You will have options if you need to relocation for work.


There is a fair distance between accommodation and the farms, so you need to have a plan sooner than later.

Some of the backpacker lodges, labour-hire providers and contractors may also pick up workers from various accommodation.

If you do not have a car, be sure to ask about transport when you book your accommodation.


The weather in the Lockyer Valley can be hot and humid in summer and surprisingly cold and frosty in winter. With perfect beautiful weather in between the extremes.

Be prepared in autumn/winter for frosty mornings, warm sunny lunchtimes with the occasional icy wind.

Be prepared for heat and spectacular tropical storms in summer.

At all times of the year, it is imperative you are hydrated, prepared and dressed accordingly to reduce cold stress and heat stress. The FarmReady Card training will guide you through options.


The Lockyer Valley has some backpacker accommodation, which is suitable for midterm employment.

There are a number of real estate agents located in the Gatton town, who may be able to assist with longer-term accommodation.

It is critical to organise your accommodation before you arrive in this region.

Name Contact
Grantham Farmworkers Lodge
New, modern3 levels of accommodationQuality share kitchensRestaurant, bar

75 Philps Road, Grantham, Queensland, Australia 4347

(located just out of the township of Gatton)

0499 445 633

Name Contact
Gatton Freedom LifeStyle Park
(Caravan Park)
291 Eastern Drive, Gatton, Queensland
Phone: (07) 5462 1198Gatton Freedom Lifestyle Park
Name Contact
Helidon Freedom Lifestyle Park
Caravan Park located just outside of Gatton township.Operates buses to and from work.10% Discount to FarmReady Card holders
7828 Warrego Highway, Helidon, Queensland
Phone: (07) 4697 6255Helidon Freedom Lifestyle Park

Connecting to the community

Organisation Contact Number Type of Assistance
Lockyer Community Centre 14 Crescent St, Gatton
(07) 5462 3355
Delivers the community diverse responsive and wide reaching services that employer people and build positive connections.
Our Community Centre 13 Mary Street, Laidley
(07) 5465 1889
Delivers the community diverse responsive and wide reaching services that employer people and build positive connections.
Christian Life Centre Cnr Golf Links Dr & Woodlands Rd, Gatton
(07) 5462 3339
Contemporary church with a vibrant mix of cultures from around the world.
Church of Christ Hickey Street, Gatton Qld
(07) 5466 1775
Offers care and support services to the diverse multicultural Gatton community.
ADRA 27 Railway Street Gatton
(07) 5462 1104
The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is the official humanitarian agency of the Seventh day Adventist Church.
Lockyer Multicultural Association Railway Street, Gatton Qld 4343
0477 433 411
Promotes intercultural social interaction, activities and exhibitions, – encourage development and appreciation of different ethnic groups, – aid settlement into the community and – improve social networking for ethnic communities.
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
1800 005 872
Monthly BBQs for seasonal workers.
Connections to multicultural organisations and assistance.
Lake Apex Visitor Information Centre 34 Lake Apex Drive, Gatton Qld 4343
(07) 5466 3245
Complex includes: library, café, conference facilities, art gallery, visitor information.