Toowoomba & Western Downs

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Toowoomba & Western Downs

This region incorporates two regional councils. Toowoomba is the largest inland city in these regions. Towns incorporated are Crows Nest, Yarraman, Dalby, Chincilla, Miles, Wandoan, Dulacca, Glenmorgan, Westmar, Moonie, Kooroongarra, Lyburn, Clifton and Pilton.

This region is within reach of Brisbane City, Lockyer Valley and the Stanthorpe region. The Toowoomba region has long been an agricultural hub, with 96.4% of its land area being used for agriculture. In 2019 the Toowoomba region was one of the highest ‘gross value of agricultural production’ areas in Australia.

This area produces a wide range of agricultural products including eggs, cotton, beef, grain and dairy products.

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Lillyvale Feedlot

Job Details: Lillyvale Feedlot is a 25,000hd privately owned & operated feedloting facility located at Condamine on the Western Darling Downs. We currently have positions available in the Feeding and Livestock Divisions. Successful applicants should possess the following skills; • A positive can-do attitude • Excellent communication skills • Ability to show initiative and work under pressure • Ability to work in a team environment • Ability to work a 10/4 roster • Previous feedlot experience would be an advantage but not essential • Diligent attitude towards work & cleanliness. Feed Team Applicants need to have the following skills
or willing to learn; • Ability to Operate a Front-End Loader • Ability to operate a truck • General maintenance of equipment including oil, greasing and cleaning • Assist with shovelling of feed bunks Livestock Team Applicants need to have the following skills or willing to learn; • Competent horse person • Undertake pen riding activities on horse back • Ability to work cattle on foot in yards • Assist with cleaning of water troughs • Assist with loading and unloading of cattle trucks • Assist with Induction of all animals into feedlot • Machinery experience would also be desirable. • General maintenance- welding, fencing & concreting.

Westview Gardens

Westbrook (near Toowoomba)
To apply:  [email protected]
Job Details:  Planting vegetable seedlings.  Harvest work cutting produce and packing it into boxes and crates in the field. Stacking boxes and crates on pallets. Weeding.
Work videos:  None.
Certifications:  Global Gap, Freshcare, HARPS

Withcott Seedlings Pty Ltd

Withcott (near Toowoomba)
To apply:  [email protected]
NURSERY HANDS: responsibilities include – Moving of trays of seedling plants around the nursery.  Performing tasks with plants including grafting, potting and thinning.  Washing used trays and racks on a processing line. Packing plants into boxes.  Setting up greenhouses for production.  Performing tasks in a timely manner.  Meeting required performance indicators.  Working in a team environment.  Being able to follow directions from a Team Leader/Supervisor.
Work videos:  None.
Certifications:  HACCP

BEST Employment

Free Call:  1800 660 660
Various work is available.
Is a government registered Harvest Trail Services Work office.
Can help with the general harvest and packing work along with all types of employment.

Harvest Trail

Services Australia wide
Visit: Harvest Trail
Is an Australian government service that connects job seekers to harvest and packing work.

Types of agriculture located in this region are:

Production Horticulture

Includes vegetables, fruit, flowers, tree nuts and viticulture (grapes).  Most horticulture is very reliant on irrigation, and fertile soils so this industry will be found in regions that offer these needs.  Although beef is the most valuable commodity in Queensland, production horticulture is the largest employer.  The workforce is made up of Australians and international workers.  Seasonal and ongoing work is available in picking and packing.  With longer-term professional careers also available.

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For more statistics and info:

  • The peak industry body is Growcom

Nurseries & Gardens

Sometimes call Amenity Horticulture, around 80% of this industry is located in South East Queensland with the industry reaching as far north as Cairns.

Nursery work has a few options as they can grow for the home gardener as well as seedlings for public parks, gardens and regeneration areas.  The Production Horticultural industry also relies heavily on seedlings from nurseries, and larger companies will specialise in this type of production.  These specialists are generally located in the significant Production Horticultural regions.

Gardens work involves the maintenance of council gardens, public parks and golf greens etc.  Or private companies that specialise in the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces.

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  • Look under the Employer’s Tab here at FarmReady

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Irrigation is a complex and scientific requirement critical to most other industries.  Apart from farming, other sectors include installers, contractors, farmers, local, state and federal government.

Training opportunities:  as irrigation is so important, it has it’s own nationally accredited Certificate III (AHC32419) and is now a ‘trade qualification’.  You can also complete around 11 skillsets (short courses) to make yourself even more attractive to employers.  Irrigation Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO), meaning they can conduct training to Australian standards and issue you a certificate that meets national guidelines.

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  • Get trained with Irrigation Australia, as they promote their graduates to industry members.
  • Look under the Employer’s Tabhere at FarmReady.


Cotton Australia is the peak body for Australia’s cotton growers and has a team of staff located in major cotton regions to support farmers.  Cotton is a very important Australian industry and employs around 12,000 people.   Cotton is the fibre used in the majority of our fabrics and clothing like jeans and shirts – its a very sought after and versatile crop.

A career in cotton can involve machinery operation, bug checking, irrigation, farmhands, crop consultants, drone operators and scientists.  If you are after casual seasonal work, the cotton industry requires workers on a seasonal basis for jobs such as irrigating where the syphons are stated manually (see work videos). The availability of this work will depend on the amount of cotton being grown which fluctuates on an annual basis depending on the availability of water for irrigation.

Visit Cotton Australia to read more about the industry, markets, growers, news and events.

Training:  visit the Cotton Classroom to find out more about scholarships and educational opportunities:

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  • Look under the Employer’s Tab here at FarmReady

Beef, sheep, wool & grains

Agforce is a peak organisation representing the Queensland broadacre industries of cattle, grain, sheep and wool.   Although all these types of farm exist all over Queensland, they are concentrated around the state as follows:

  • Sheep Meat & Wool– mainly produced in the Burdekin and Southern Downs areas across to Traprock and out to St George.  Also in the Longreach area including Blackall and Barcaldine.
  • Beef Cattle– is statewide, however, the larger stations are located in Queensland’s Central West and the Gulf Regions (north).
  • Grains(wheat, sorghum, barley etc) – usually grown away from the coastline in regions such as Darling Downs, Western Downs, Central Qld, South Burnett, Warwick, Dalby.  Grain crops are seasonal and are usually rotated throughout the seasons.  Wheat is usually followed by Barley and grown in winter.  With Sorghum in summer.  Other legumes and canola are also becoming popular.

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  • Look under the Employer’s Tab here at FarmReady

For more statistics and info:

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Toowoomba is a city centre, and there are many accommodation options within the city limits.  However, your agricultural work may be a long way from Toowoomba.  So best check where your job is first as you may need to stay in a regional town.

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